1. anabella tatoda

    anabella tatoda38 minut temu


  2. เด็กผ้าชาเขียว Idv.

    เด็กผ้าชาเขียว Idv.38 minut temu

    ITZY Fighting!

  3. Gus Parnata

    Gus Parnata38 minut temu

    Now im very like this song and now i'm always listening this song


    GOT7 MY MIRACLE39 minut temu


  5. ade wijaya

    ade wijaya40 minut temu


  6. jUNG Kook?

    jUNG Kook?40 minut temu


  7. parkjihoon

    parkjihoon40 minut temu

    Wow 48 million for a rookie..times have indeed changed, for the better ofc

  8. 박지훈

    박지훈40 minut temu

    예지 옷 던지는 개커엽네 퓨ㅠㅠ

  9. sqftjimin people

    sqftjimin people40 minut temu

    “i love myself”... hmmm sounds fAmiLiAr

  10. Happy Cat's Jello

    Happy Cat's Jello40 minut temu

    Got confused with 2:09 who is who?they can be a twins 😍

  11. Edy Sujarwo

    Edy Sujarwo41 minuta temu


  12. Ilham dan Teman-Temanku

    Ilham dan Teman-Temanku41 minuta temu

    채령 😗😍

  13. Drax D

    Drax D42 minut temu

    Emm ITZY trending no3 in MALAYSIA while Si Nopal no1.Emm😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  14. Just Music

    Just Music42 minut temu

    Let's go guys, stream harder so they can have a chance to win music show next week. 50M go go

  15. dd dd

    dd dd42 minut temu


  16. 肥韻

    肥韻43 minut temu


  17. Dr. Nishe

    Dr. Nishe43 minut temu

    Dalla Dalla MCountdown Stage trending no. 18 PH Dalla Dalla MV trending no.10 PH

  18. Amira uuu

    Amira uuu43 minut temu

    Am I the only one who this song gives “I Got a Boy vibes”? I mean because there are many concepts in the song

  19. Ksjsjssjj Kdisusjsjs

    Ksjsjssjj Kdisusjsjs43 minut temu

    listen to the song meghan trainor - me too . same

  20. lost puppy

    lost puppy43 minut temu

    Buddy here streaming from the first day❤ the song is so catchy. and i just found my bias, because it's so hard to choose one😂

  21. Desy Mutiara

    Desy Mutiara43 minut temu

    I LIKE ITZY😍😍😍

  22. Multifandom Struggles

    Multifandom Struggles44 minut temu

    At first I didn’t like the song and then when I listened to it 2 more times I was holy crap this is good! I’m literally obsessed it’s stuck in my head

  23. Emma ARMY

    Emma ARMY44 minut temu

    I like Ryujin


    ITZ DIFFERENT45 minut temu

    Still trending no.9 jn the Philippines and I'm still addicted to this song ugh

  25. Dr. Nishe

    Dr. Nishe45 minut temu

    50m here we go

  26. 뭔-데

    뭔-데45 minut temu

    PM6시까지 5천만 달성하면 있지 일주일만에 5천만 달성 신인 타이틀인가?

  27. ddoanf baraboy

    ddoanf baraboy45 minut temu


  28. Võ Kiều Oanh

    Võ Kiều Oanh45 minut temu

    OMG, i thought that i saw Chaeyoung, but nah, she is Chaeryong - Chaeyoung's sister and after that i think "wow, so similar to Chaeyoung", i love both of them

  29. Ksjsjssjj Kdisusjsjs

    Ksjsjssjj Kdisusjsjs46 minut temu

    Meghan trainor - me too

  30. Tommy Nguyen

    Tommy Nguyen47 minut temu

    let’s get this MV to 50m in the first week of ITZYs debut! 👍🏻

  31. 뭔-데

    뭔-데47 minut temu

    노래 무대 춤 표정 외모 흡입력 장악력 매력 실력 제왑짱 이런 걸그룹을 만들다니

  32. babyexotics love

    babyexotics love47 minut temu

    Still #3 trending in Malaysia 💓❤️


    ALL THE TOKUSATSU amine48 minut temu

    Yeji ไม่ใช่มนุษย์ธรรมดา เขาคือ(เหล็กไหล😁🍌) #4offun

  34. Eni Zul

    Eni Zul48 minut temu

    2:30 mwahhh

  35. Uiyy

    Uiyy50 minut temu

    Since then. Every time. 3:02

  36. Bae hundred

    Bae hundred50 minut temu

    The most strongest rookie. All of members good at rap, sing, dance and visual. No one can beat them.

  37. dd dd

    dd dd50 minut temu


  38. Dongwon Kim

    Dongwon Kim50 minut temu

    노래 별로임. 그냥 JYP니까..뜨는거네.

  39. 이연주

    이연주38 minut temu

    Dongwon Kim 그런말은 혼자생각...

  40. GachaCookiewoofplayzz’ 0000

    GachaCookiewoofplayzz’ 000050 minut temu

    Ive listen to this song a billion of times and I LOVE IT!!!!

  41. Nadia PY

    Nadia PY51 minuta temu

    I like someone who sings in this video

  42. Fernando Adna

    Fernando Adna51 minuta temu

    50M Views in One week ? Legooo

  43. 현 주

    현 주52 minut temu

    약간 태티서 트윙뮤비도 같고 블핑 마지막처럼도 ㄱ비슷

  44. 김미나열

    김미나열52 minut temu

    7 Day 48 M wow They are new group!!!???

  45. Taeyong lee

    Taeyong lee52 minut temu

    Jyp to twice: A SMALL TOY CAR(SIGNAL) Jyp to itzy:HUNDREDS OF CAR😂

  46. Dragon Strike

    Dragon Strike53 minut temu

    It’s Official! Yeji is now bias! Such a beauty and talented girl!

  47. Syabil Sufyan

    Syabil Sufyan53 minut temu


  48. 박찬근

    박찬근53 minut temu

    아이돌 노래는 노래같지도 않네

  49. Rainbow Sparkle

    Rainbow Sparkle53 minut temu

    1:47 i died 😂❤️❤️

  50. Momo Dancing Queen

    Momo Dancing Queen53 minut temu

    I like these girls 👍

  51. Novia Ayu Agustin

    Novia Ayu Agustin54 minut temu

    I can't stop watching this mv , i like it♥️😍

  52. veni safitri

    veni safitri54 minut temu

    Is that royale family icon? Look the ending of the video at 3.37.

  53. Abby

    Abby55 minut temu

    Such a bop and such a good message aswell I’m so proud of Kpop they are saving society even if it will take a long time to do. I do really respect jyp and his choices with itzy

  54. Olivia

    Olivia55 minut temu

    i feel assured now that i have a badass girl gang to back me up

  55. chouhyohyo

    chouhyohyo55 minut temu


  56. Mia Mitrović

    Mia Mitrović55 minut temu

    tbh i don’t vibe with this🤷🏽‍♀️ but it’s really good tho

  57. 김지환

    김지환56 minut temu

    1:57 ❣

  58. Misuki

    Misuki56 minut temu

    people should stop hating on them just because they had a strong debut. They are crazy talented and its clear that many will love them ^__^

  59. djinn

    djinn57 minut temu

    Now that I think about it, this could be one of the first Kpop groups with members entirely born in this millenium (All of them were born in the 00's). Like if you felt old too.

  60. eakclubz GamingYt

    eakclubz GamingYt57 minut temu

    English lyrics: DDA-DDA-LA-DDA-LA-DDA-LA 2x People look at me, and they tell me They look at my looks alone and say I'm a punk. So what? I dont care. I'm sorry I dont care 2x really dont care, because I don't care for love. There's much more fun out there in the world. Sisters tell me I still have a long way to be a future

  61. Linh Nguyễn Kim Trúc

    Linh Nguyễn Kim Trúc58 minut temu

    50M before 0:00 KST today y'all And if we keep gaining 1-2M a day we will reach 100M in about 2 months. Fighting!

  62. denisse claire

    denisse claire58 minut temu


  63. luv JK

    luv JK58 minut temu

    Ryugin is my bias🔥

  64. Shelle Bonn

    Shelle Bonn58 minut temu

    Don’t like it

  65. ᄋᄉᄋ방탄

    ᄋᄉᄋ방탄58 minut temu

    *1:40 😍😍 *They're beautiful😨😘*

  66. 뭔-데

    뭔-데59 minut temu

    있지 아이돌룸 빨리 보고싶다!

  67. BLINKsanity_ Nation

    BLINKsanity_ Nation59 minut temu

    *ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V* 2019-02-16 12pm KST:45,743,977 2019-02-17 12pm KST:48,310,049 *Today:2,566,072* Rookie Queens! 👑

  68. jUNG Kook?

    jUNG Kook?59 minut temu

    jyp always made perfect girlgroups

  69. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華59 minut temu

    *Join us,* *STREAMING to 100M.* 💕💕💕

  70. Keem Ferds

    Keem Ferds59 minut temu

    Lia's voice is just ughhh😍

  71. Thảo Phương

    Thảo PhươngGodzinę temu

    Where is fan Việt

  72. 국내산호구

    국내산호구Godzinę temu

    50M as soon as possible🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Even though we can't reach 50M in 7days, Itzy have done *🔥THE HOT DEBUT🔥, but,* they really deserves 50M in about 7days! I HOPE ITZY *CAN BE CLOSE TO 50M IN 7DAYS👑*

  73. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華Godzinę temu


  74. Rebekah Fayese

    Rebekah FayeseGodzinę temu

    YO do we have a fandom name yet?

  75. Luke_ tae

    Luke_ taeGodzinę temu

    It's trending no. 3 now in Malaysia! Good for a band new group 💕 ITZY fighting!

  76. The B Ping Man

    The B Ping ManGodzinę temu

    Lisa !!! 👍 👇

  77. Once a STAY now i am an Ahgase of MyDay

    Once a STAY now i am an Ahgase of MyDayGodzinę temu

    Is there a chance for them to win in a music show even if they dont have physical album?

  78. jeonjk

    jeonjkGodzinę temu

    i'm an ARMY, and i will stan this group, because they deserve it. And also beacuse of Ryujin uuwuuu. But it doesn't mean that i only stan Ryujin. I love all of them!! uwuuuu I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  79. Yoongi's stan

    Yoongi's stanGodzinę temu

    They are pretty and I'm going to stan em. Just please *don't ship em with TxT*

  80. Ddee Errw

    Ddee ErrwGodzinę temu

    รัก ยูจิน แชรยอง คนไทยน่ะ🇹🇭🇹🇭

  81. Huyền Lê Khánh

    Huyền Lê KhánhGodzinę temu

    Vote for ITZY on Mnet app ~~~

  82. Tricia Shane Perez

    Tricia Shane PerezGodzinę temu


  83. ITZYwice

    ITZYwiceGodzinę temu

    0:01 - 3:48 IS MY FAVORITE PART.

  84. KatrinaIsabel

    KatrinaIsabelGodzinę temu

    The transition in 2:38 is amazing i didnt notice that Lia was there

  85. Michelle Benavides

    Michelle BenavidesGodzinę temu

    Ryujin it´s very ugly, she looks good in BTS Highlight Reel, but now she´s really ugly


    JIN LOVE ARMYGodzinę temu

    this mv is nonsense.. like what the fuck .. hhoho army stream dna

  87. Paskal Lia

    Paskal Lia55 minut temu

    JIN LOVE ARMY just stream yours, don’t put a trash comment here. That’s why I not respect with army, you are so rude and arrogant

  88. Cristan Alag

    Cristan AlagGodzinę temu

    love it ITZY

  89. Michelle Benavides

    Michelle BenavidesGodzinę temu

    3:27 " I love myself" sounds like BTS "Idol"

  90. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華59 minut temu

    Yes,but this style is different

  91. Wanna One Forever

    Wanna One ForeverGodzinę temu

    Yess it's me still here even after 6 days and still streaming 😂😂

  92. MARVEL

    MARVELGodzinę temu

    예지 머리 푼 것도 보고싶억 ㅠㅠ

  93. Anita Rahmawati

    Anita RahmawatiGodzinę temu

    Trending 11 in indonesian

  94. aidil official

    aidil officialGodzinę temu


  95. Michelle Benavides

    Michelle BenavidesGodzinę temu

    1:43 Jennie "Solo"

  96. 뭔-데

    뭔-데Godzinę temu

    5천만 가즈아👍

  97. jaymarie uwu

    jaymarie uwuGodzinę temu

    9th trending here in Philippines,,! 🌸

  98. Sana Tuan

    Sana TuanGodzinę temu

    Those dislikes tho, thanks for coming here guys ☺️

  99. Bella B.

    Bella B.Godzinę temu

    Im a blink but I support and love them❤ yowww this is so Goodddd! ❤

  100. nathania stev

    nathania stevGodzinę temu

    i loveee themm omfg this is so cool😭💜💓💕🥰❤️💖

  101. Anni army

    Anni armyGodzinę temu

    Yeji my love😍😢

  102. Coreanamente Jujeño

    Coreanamente JujeñoGodzinę temu

    Sponsored by KIA Motors. :v

  103. Foxy Foxy

    Foxy FoxyGodzinę temu

    Black pink who??? Ahah

  104. VinZy !

    VinZy !Godzinę temu

    50M+ views in 7 days💯💯 Support ITZY!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤